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April 2003

Friday 26th :

Emilie Simon : "I Wanna Be Your Dog" / Emilie Simon (Barclay).

Seana Carmody : "Tornadoes" / Struts & Shocks (Kimchee Records).

Helms : "Candy Fish" / The Swimmer (Kmlchee Records).

27 : "Devil's Play" / Animal Life (Kimchee Records).

PJ Harvey : "A Place Called Home" / Stories From The City ....(Island).

Heidi Saperstein : "Sister Spit" / The Devil I Once Knew (Kimchee Records).

Sin Desires Marie : "The One She Likes" / 7" (Ed Walters Records)

Rauberhohle : "Beepy not Weepy / demo

Exchopoptrue : "Brad Loves Jennifer" / demo

Addn to X : "Sheerz Mine" /Loud Like Nature (Mute).

Black Strobe : " Me & Madonna"/12" (Output)

Mira Calix : "I May Be Over There " /Skimskitta (Warp).

Friday 19th:

Thalia Zedek : " Candy Says " / You're a Big Girl Now (Kimchee Records).

The Raveonettes : "Bowels of The Beast " / Whip It On (Columbia).

Kristin Mainhart : "Mujer Automatica" / Untitled (Khromozomes).

Exchpoptrue : "Life is a Bitch" / demo

Jodi : "The Congress"/ In My Living Room (V/A) (Kimchee Records).

Victory at Sea : "Liar" / The Good Night (Kimchee Records).

Blake Hazard : "Everybody Knows" / Little Airplane (Kimchee Records).

The Capricorns : "The New Sound" / In The Zone (Paroxysm Records).

Delta Dart : "Story of My Life " / Fight or Flight (Paroxysm Records).

Sleater Kinney : " Good Things" / Call the Doctor (KRS).

Suburbia : "Curiosity Killed The Cat " / We Are From.... (Kwaidan Records).

Les Pétroleuses :" Nicole" / Self Titled (Kwaidan Records).

Tara King Th : "Screwy Girl " / Sequence 01 (Mudah Peach).

Friday 11th:

Mùm live at the BBC

Friday 4th:

Hanin Elias : "Drop Out" / No Games No Fun (Fatal).

Ikara Colt :" Don't they Know" / Basic Instructions (Fantastic Plastic).

Pretty Girls Make Graves : "The Get Away" / Good Health (Lookout Records)

X-Lover :"Love Candi" / Unreleased demo

Juju Queens :"Duties" / Unreleased demo

Fake :"Erotic Dancer"

Computor Girl :"Sad Angel " / The Computor ep (Hard Drive).

Adult : "No Tears for the Creatures of the Night" Remix (International Deejay Gigolos)

The Ravonettes : "Attack of the Ghost Rider" / Wip It On (Columbia)

The Kills : "Black Rooster" /Black Rooster (Domino).

Delta Darts :"Middle Name" / Fight or Flight (Paroxysm Records).

Victory at Sea :"Mary in June"/ The Good Night (Kimchee Records).

X-Lover :"Kick it" Unreleased demo

The Reputation : "Misery by Design"/ Self titled (Initial Records).


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