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May 2003 : Tsunami Addiction, The Rogers Sisters, Mr Lady Records, ...

.Toxic Girls : Nightmare for (13) Unlucky Boystars (Tsunami Addiction)

.Sometimes someone has a great idea. Usually they are neither commercial nor trendy. This compilation is one of them. OK, it is a girls compilation, which is in itself quite common nowadays as a selling device, but this case is very particular. If you're thinking Madonnnnnna, Kristina Ragnilera, Shfreakshira, you can go back to bed immediately, burn your record collection, or spend the next couple of months in a record store. If you're not interested in music, you will not be reading this section, anyway.... But back to the point for those of you who are till reading: this collection gathers some of the best female artists in electropunkpopgaragerock that you seldom get the chance to hear anywhere else. They are gutty, funny, experimental, and present very colourful universes. Noak Kato will make you melt and Lady Juice will rock your world to the point of dizziness. if you are already addicted to Robots in Disguise, le Tigre or Nina Hagen, this record is for you.

The Rogers Sisters : Purely Evil. (Troubleman Unlimited). The British label-famous record stores Rough Trade were not mistaken when they put this little pearl on display: this record is not to be missed. A bouncing funky-post punk bass, a colorful guitar that manages to give B-52s some Cure feeling ((I'm) a Ballerina) and blends the whole in some magical ways. Of course, the B-52s reference is obvious, in the tone, the way of sharing vocals, the singing itself or the general feeling we get from listening to the Rogers. However they cannot be reduced to this reference only. We are talking about references here, not about rip off other people's art. The cover shows a punk look on the western white trash with she-male cover and a blindfolded George W. Bush with a running nose: a playful irreverence of popular culture. An excellent record and an amazing band that will play music for music's sake until the end of the night and far beyond the morning after.

.Sisters Spit's Rambin' Road Show :Greatest Spits. (Mr Lady records). 18 artists for 3 years of feminist spoken word tours. Stories of fun in the van, of love lost and found, stories of how to walk on pink triangle pills that slow your ass down when you are a speed freak. Untold stories of how Superman crashes Wonder woman’s jet on his way back from Lois', of itchy newly shaved pussies... Happenings from the dyke San Francisco crew including Tribe 8 Linn Breedlove. Fun and inspiring, they are telling things that always sound strangely familiar. If you want to hear what genuine laughters -for once-sound like....

.Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Date with the night single (Polydor).( Including the Time Out review of the single).Well, I have talked about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs many times before, so I am not going to insist too much. This was only t tell you that Date with the Night, their new single, was out. I would also like to bitch about the brit brat in charge of the singles reviews in Time Out (I know, this is not where you're supposed to expect great reviews, but still, this one pissed me off, so I'm sharing.... You're welcome). Here is what Peter Watts wrote: "a screamy balls-ripping bounce of a single. Sweaty, cool and breathless.…" so far, so good you're going to say, although I am a bit tired of some guys always talking about their balls, but it's ok, it's always an alternative when you don't really know what to do (ask Beavis and Butthead). The worst is to come. I quote: "Gotta love a female singer who always sounds as if she's about to come". Ok peter, now boy listen to me: female singers can scream too, they can be sexual and sensual and it does not necessarily mean they are having an orgasm. Of course, you can still wank on your favourite track, but please do not mistake your stickiness for art, and just remember good sex have nothing to do with your balls.


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