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October 2002 : Ladytron, Mùm

Ladytron : Lights and Magic (Emperor Norton).

The Liverpool queens and kings of electronic pop genius terrorism are back! LIght and Magic, this master piece is called, and indeed, the adjectives do describe their work perfectly. Helena Marnie and MIra Aroyo blow their warm voices thru your ears and heart while Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu breathe life into machines. Who said that analog synth were lifeless, anti-organic? This music is pop, lively and fresh, ranging from 80s diso (check out thew intro to flicking your switch!) beats to dark electro (turn it on), of the best post Cabaret Voltaire-Joy Division pre Music for the Masses influence (I dare you not to dance on the deep rhythm of Start up Chime!!!). The themes dealt with in the lyrics always have this tongue in cheek tone, and bounce in English as well as in Bulgarian... after taking some guy's girlfriend to the movie before he did on 604, the band's debut album, the girls take somebody's credit card... They do sound like they are having fun.And this is what this album sounds like: FUN! It's the best parody-tribute to popular music I have ever heard, and reveals a great musical knowledge of the band member (well, they learn their lesson DJing around the world when they are not home recording). They succeeded in making 17 tracks of perfect transgenre delight, playfully compiling references where others heavily add up stolen pieces. My conclusion shall be : Bravo! and thank you so much!!! And by the way, for you lucky spoiled brats who will be in London on November 14th of this year (2002), the band will be playing at Heaven... And that's where they'll most probably take you.·

Mùm : Finally We Are No One (Fatcat rec.).

For those of you who haven't heard this 11 tracks green album, sewn in gold. For those of you who haven't felt the caress of its sounds, the whispering voice.For those of you not intitiated to hearing the breathing within of organic lifefragile as candelight strong as the guide light through the strom and into a shore torn into pieces and the serene beach after the hurricane. peace. For all of us, because finally we are no one.


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