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February 2003

Friday 28th :

Hole : "The Void" / Doll Parts 7" (Geffen Records).

Sammo Hung :"Shark" / The Simon Richards Popular Front EP (Purr).

Quix o Tic :"Sitting in the Park" " / Mortal Mirror (KRS).

Bangs :" Kinda Good" " / Call & Response (KRS).

Il Ease : "Dear Krazy" / Live at the Holiday Sin (Smilex).

Beyond Pink : "Reclaim the Worsterbortion" / Cunt Oh Licious (Autoprod.).

Girls on Top :"Fuck Head " / Ovulater (Riverside Records).

Ultra Orange : "J'ai du Cream sur mon Jean" / Snow White (One Plus One Records).

Kimmo : "Land of Nod " / Conversation for Conservation (My Kimono Records).

Drive Blind : " Fear" / Be a Vegetable (A Donf' / PIAS).

Kobe : "Asleep at Last" / Made of Water (Diesel Combustible Recordings).

Vortex : "Sun of a 1000 Centuries" / Eksaïphnès (Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier).

Angelika Köhlermann : "Where You Are" / Care (Tomlab).

Mira Calix : "Daydreaming At Night" / One on One (Warp Records).

Nytelite : "Being Dead is Boring" / Unreleased

Massive Attack : "A Prayer for england" / 100th Windows (EMI/Virgin).

Friday 21st :

Dorine Muraille : "Madrague -Retour" / Mani (Fat Cat).

Katja Khudolej : "Taking Pictures" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction).

Milkymee : "Snow Balling" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction).

Rhythm King & Her Friends : " Pants" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction).

Noak Katoï : "That's all Water Under the Reiko Now" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction).

Mariina : "Moustique" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction).

Semiautomatique :"Dressep Up" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction).

The Red Lights : "She's Bad" / V/A Toxic Girls (Tsunami Addiction)

Gertrude : "Getting & Spending" / She Bangs, She Boom (Urban Missfits).

Elm : "Ton Genou" / Sunny Scenics" (Popcorn Telescopic).

Khundalini : "Diet Love / demo (Unreleased).

Kimmo : "Impilho" / Conversation for Conversation (My Kimono Records).

Heliogabale : "Oval" / Mobile Home (Prohibited).

Tara King Th : "Tightrope Walker" / Sequence01 (Mudahpeach).

Rykarda Parasol : "She's Like Heroin / Here she Comes (Unreleased).

Sonic Youth : "Move Away" / BOF Demon Lover (Labels).


Friday 14th : Khaulkdy was my guest for Valentine's day

Unfortunately he didn't gave me his written playlist so I can only provide you some names I remember from the sesssion :( Trashwomen, Cadallaca, Sleater Kinney, The Marvelettes, The Cramps, Susan and the surftones, Headcottees, The Kills...


Friday 7th :

Tara King Th : "Cold" / Sequence 01 (Mudahpeach).

Gravy Train : "Sippin 40z" / Menz (Purr).

Daisy Chainsaw : "Pink Flower" / Eleventeen (A&M).

Queen Adreena : "I Adore You" / Taxidermy (Blanco Y Negro).

Yeah Yeah Yeahs : "Machine" / Machine (Touch n' Go).

Ikara Colt :" Sink Venice" / Chat & Business (Epitaph).

Sonic Youth : "Sympathy for the Strawberry" / Murray Streeet (SYR).

The Kills : "Black Rooster" /Black Rooster (Domino).

Massive Attack : "What your Soul Sings "/ 100th Windows (EMI/Virgin).

Mùm : "Now There's That Fear Again" / BBC Peel Session

Sybarite : 'Fresh Kills" / Nonument (4AD).

Cat Power : "He War" / You Are Free (Matador).

Derhoof : "Song of corn" / Fields & Stream V/A (Kill Rock Stars).


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