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Welcome to Babes in Boyland Archives.

(this text used to be our introduction on the former website)

Where and when did the whole thing start ? It is difficult to set a definite date... It is like waking up one morning and saying you want to have a radio show and then realizing that you have unconsciously always been thinking about it. (I know it sounds weird, but you probably know what I am talking about, or should I see a shrink soon ?)

That is when Babes in Boyland materialized itself. First interviews, first spluttering in the mic and the paternalistic comments we chose to reveal instead of ignoring (this my hypothetical shrink would approve of... no denying, no repressing). The very first show was dedicated to women in punk, the second to riot grrls. Next thing we knew was that Babes in Boyland was 8 years old and the year was 2005. I know it sounds like we are a pair of Cinderellas, but it was just a way of saying time flies... We have not been sleeping and we don't need anybody to fight the dragon for us (what do you mean it is not the same fairy tale, have you got no fantasy ?!?)

Anyway, Babes in Boyland has been on Clapas in Montpellier, France, for 8 great years. Until some time, during the summer 2005, when we decided to go from one independent radio station to the other. Change is good and necessary! Different methods, more responsibilities (we are now in charge of the technical part of the show too), new people, different experiences, new challenges, other fairy herstories... for real!

So yes, the show still goes on, every Wednesday night, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM (a bit longer), but it's on l ‘EKO des Garrigues (also in Montpellier, France) this time. Every week, tune in to 88.5 FM , to hear your favourite radio show dedicated to women in music. We still present exclusive in terviews, "thematic shows" (4AD, Sonic Youth, the Seattle scene, '80s French Rock, Walkyries' punk and electronica, post (punk) feminism …and so on) -or no particular theme at all. Benedicte Villain (Passion Fodder), Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot), L7, Bratmobile's Alison and Erin, Stereolab's Laetitia, Two Ton Boa, Le Tigre, Enon's Toko, Sleater Kinnney’s Corin and a few more have shared a little chat and tested our DIY practices…

Who will be next ?

Feel free to send us your information, demos, promos of new releases & we will be happy to put them on air and/or on this site. You will receive playlists every month & a copy of the show if you're interested in it.(please do notice that every production received will not automatically be reviewed or broadcast)

Sorry for you, people from the global world, we're still audio-local. We are however doing our best to broadcast on the net soon. Thank you for you patience .

Have a good ride... on the unicorn

Stephy & Val

NB : Most of the interviews have been either broadcast on Babes in Boyland, Montpellier or Ovary Action, Oslo.

OvaryAction was an Oslo-based, Yeasty Grrlz- inspired fanzine that was distributed on a monthly basis in the best Norwegian record stores and venues. The editors and collaborators let their imagination and creativity ran wild on feminist, anti-conformist-sexist-"rankist" themes, enhanced with music that rock their world to the point of dizzyness. Interviews, reviews, short-stories, burst of laughters (or anger and tears) and comic strips completed the atomic recipe to challenge boundaries and suffocating categories.Queer Freedom!

OvaryAction and Babes in Boyland were deeply connected since the former was created by half of the latter after she had moved to Scandinavia. Complementarity has thus been displaced, not destroyed: southern and norther music tastes and concerns were still closely related.

OvaryAction was open to all who feel the urge to express themselves in this free space.


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